Please make sure you’ve read and understood over our Rules below, before placing your order.

  1. 01All payments through Paypal, must be USD ($) or EUR(€) . Make sure to send as a gift, when you sending money.
  2. 02Once you placed your order and I accepted, I need 50% of the payment before I begin to work on your order, and the other 50% after that the preview is sent and approved. If you order a package with design only, I’ll need full payment.
  3. 03I only accepting fansites with domain and hosted, must be online or open soon. All design or themes that you ordering here, has to be online for around a month at least.
  4. 04I don’t accept low quality images, only work with HQ/UHQ images to ensure a quality work.
  5. 05Don’t remove the credit, please make sure the credit is intact in the sidebar and footer.
  6. 06Please don’t modify or alter our designs or codes in any way. If you need change something, please let us know and I’ll making for you and send you the updated version.
  7. 07Don’t using my codes and designs for other purposes, how uses my codes as codebase for your works/themes, or claim as yours, as this will count as breach of copyright. Please don’t resell or redistribute anything our designs or creations! If you break this rules, I’ll notify to your host and take action appropriate to close your site/account.
  8. 08Each design or theme, will take me about 2 or 5 days to finish. So please don’t rush me for best quality.